Optimum SDG-Compatible Disclosures

Mapping SDG disclosures to the ISO 37101 framework

The optimum UN Global Compact-GRI Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) disclosures, so-called Optimum SDG-Compatible Disclosures, or OSCDs, are mapped to the ISO 37101 Action Areas/Purposes framework as an indented tree and as a treemap. OSCDs in orange (for a summary of the OSCD: left chart - click a blue circle next to an orange OSCD; right chart - click an orange OSCD square). Demonstration purposes only. Full analysis and OSCD sets under development, see USMS.online/resources.

Further information

Visualisations for the ISO 37101 standard are developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Sustainable Development Committee, described on the Urban Sustainability Management System website at USMS.online and incorporated into the tools available on the Urban Sustainability Management Platform at USMP.online.

For further information about ISO 37101 visualisation, please consult USMS.online or contact Peter Boswell.

Version: June 2018